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Hey Beautiful,
 I'm Christina!

Specializing in all things bright vivid rainbow colors, beaded weft extensions, and now offering psychic mediumship readings with your services.

Christina is our fearless and innovative leader who knows all ins and outs around Huntsville. can give you great at home maintenance tips for the working mama that has high maintenance hair but wants to be low maintenance at the same time, and makes the best asian food ever!

"My absolute favorite thing about being a hair artist is that I get to help my guests learn to love their hair with styling methods and expressing themselves through color.. Your hair doesn't have to be a chore or drab, it can be totally loads of fun!

If you sit in my chair, plan to find a new passion in creating something new and unexpected for your hair with less chaos in your life. I make art with your hair as well making it achievable for you to work with it at home."

I became a hairstylist because I knew I couldn't handle another 4 years of school sitting in a chair. I knew I loved being creative and I work well in a hands on environment, so I took a chance and enrolled into cosmetology school. I am such a people person so I love connecting with other people learning about where they come from , what they love to do, and also helping them realize they can feel good about themselves in anyway they wish.

When you don't see me in the salon I am outside playing with my kiddos, watching movies, checking out all the new foodie places in town with my husband, and when I get the time I love being out in nature and soaking in the sun. 

I am always evolving and learning things about life and about hair. As a dark brunette I found it  difficult to achieve what every girls wants which is blonde or pastel colored hair. While I love my blondes and balayages, my sweet spot is a mixture of a lived in blonde with a touch of fun with bright, bold colors. I would love to have the opportunity to take your gorgeous hair and give it a new adventure you never thought you could go to.

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