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Hey Beautiful,
 I'm Allsion!

Hair Artist


I am Allison (Allie).

Elisabeth Taylor’s new assistant! 

I am a dedicated wife of an Engineer, fur baby mama to 5 floofs, experienced Aveda-trained cosmetologist, in-salon educator, geocache pursuer, nature enthusiast, amateur wildlife photographer, adventure seeker, world traveler, saver of all animals, sushi lover, Studio Ghibli fanatic, Subaru driving, Colorado Native that relocated down South during the pandemic.

I strive to inspire those around me, to put a smile on others faces, and to make the world around me a better place… one kind act at a time. 

My biggest strengths are my ADHD, intrinsic empathy towards other beings, along with my distinctive ability to embrace my inner child. 

These strengths are also my greatest weaknesses. 

I look forward to seeing you in the salon!


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