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Meet our Intuitive
Wellness Team

The Red Door Salon & Spa

A group of ladies where they take you into a whole new world of self-care from skin care, lash extensions, energy healing, and psychic mediumship.

This is where the real magic happens!



Hi my name is Hope, and I am thrilled to be the new esthetician on board at The Red Door! I’m a mother of four, animal lover to a fault, and a water bunny at heart. I love to sing, dance, draw, and write; and I am a deep thinker who loves admiring the natural beauty around me.
With me as your esthetician, you are in caring hands when it comes to the health of your skin and helping you shine through. I love the idea of giving a relaxing skincare service and then releasing you into the wild with less stress, beautiful results, and a comfort in knowing that you and your skin are on the right path. By the way, I also love everything brows! Tinting, laminating, waxing; I can’t wait to get those brows in gear! 
When you book a service with me, whether it be one of my signature facials, the gua sha experience, or one of my other services, you will be taken away to a relaxing place and in the best of care; because you’re beautiful self deserves nothing less. Remember to always make time for yourself and never forget your worth. I look forward to reminding you of that every time you visit. 



Psychic Medium, Certified Quantum Reiki Grandmaster Healer, Certified Sound  Practictoner 

Accepting Appointments
Wednesday - Friday

Christina has always been able to listen to the little voice within from a very young age; aka intuition; as well as having premonitions, deja vu among other things. She is a member of the Innerbloom Spiritual Podcast Group. Christina is a dedicated meditator and self wellness advocate for your mind, body, and soul.  A passion of hers has always been to educate, to help others release blockages, and to come into their authentic self. Christina is certified as a Quantum Reiki  Grandmaster and Sound Healing. She is able to channel the Akashic Records to see into your past lives as well as seeing possible futures to help understand stagnation, blockages, soul contracts, etc.  Christina has now included  psychic mediumship readings and mini reiki sessions into her regular hair appointments for the ultimate magical salon experience. She has now opened up 2 new programs called Soul Magic Development and Quantum Leap where she helps people to embrace their gifts & navigate their purpose while channeling their higher self, spirit guides, and ancestors. She does this by creating a healing space and reflective practices through sound healing, inner child work, ancestral connection, intention work, and so much more. She cannot wait to work with you & seeing you blossom in your life. 


Lash Extension Artist
Lash Extension Trainer
Reiki Healer


Perri is a certified lash extension artist with over 9 years expereince. She is certified in classic, volume, russian volume, and customized lashes. Her passion is giving her clients a relaxing and beautiful lash experience where you walk out feeling like you can take on the world. She is a trainer as well as a Ruthie Bell Lash Ambassador. 
Along side lash extensions, Perri has been a reiki healer for the past 3 years and has a passion for healing others while giving them messages to help with their daily lives. Through castrology she can help map out your souls purpose and work with the energies that are coming into your reality.

Accepting Appointments


Full Body Sugar Waxer 

Lanyssa is passionate about giving everyone a comfortable, anexity reducing, and excellent experience while performing all of her high quality waxing services. She provides face & full body sugaring hair removal, V-facials (for after care brazilian waxes), Lash/Lift Tint, and Brow Lamination/tint.

Accepting Appointments
Wednesday - Saturday

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