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Meet our Intuitive
Wellness Team

The Red Door Salon & Spa

A group of ladies where they take you into a whole new world of self-care from skin care, lash extensions, energy healing, and psychic mediumship.

This is where the real magic happens!



 Alysha is a licensed Esthetician as well as a certified Master Lash Artist. She recently moved to Alabama from Michigan where she ran her business Rebel Esthetics. As a master lash artist, Alysha, specializes in customized lash sets tailored to each client using facial mapping techniques & using only High Quality products. Her customized holistic facials incorporate nature elements into Alysha's work with crystals and flowers. Her treatments include organic skin treatments, crystal healing, relaxation massage, aromatherapy, gua-sha holistic face lifts, and all things luxury self care. Alysha's goal is to have you walk out glowing from the inside out!

Outside of the salon shes a nature lover: hiking, walking, kayaking, basically if it's outside she'll be playing in it.  Alysha is a fun loving wife and mother to her5 yr old son where they have the best time being kids and enjoying each others company. 

She cannot wait to see you and give you a unique experience of a lifetime!




Psychic Medium, Certified Quantum Reiki Grandmaster Healer, Sound  Practictoner, & Timeline Healing Hypnosis

Christina has always been able to listen to the little voice within from a very young age; aka intuition; as well as having premonitions, deja vu among other things. She is co-host to the podcast Viable Magic Podcast. Christina is a dedicated meditator and self wellness advocate for your mind, body, and soul.  A passion of hers has always been to educate, to help others release blockages, and to come into their authentic self. Christina is certified as a Quantum Reiki  Grandmaster and Sound Healing. She is able to channel the Akashic Records to see into your past lives as well as seeing possible futures to help understand stagnation, blockages, soul contracts, etc.  Christina has now included  psychic mediumship readings and mini reiki sessions into her regular hair appointments for the ultimate magical salon experience. She has now opened up a 1:1 and group coaching program of how to Ignite Your Intuition. These sessions are dedicated to helping those understand their intuition or psychic abilities. (btw we all have them) She does this by creating a healing space and reflective practices through sound healing, inner child work, ancestral connection, intention work, and so much more. She cannot wait to work with you & seeing you blossom in your life. 

Accepting Appointments
Wednesday - Friday


Sugar Body Waxer, Lash lifts & Tints, Brow Lamination & Tints

Lanyssa is a licensed cosmetologist and Sugar Wax Specialist. She provides face and full body sugaring hair removal, V-Facials, Lash Lift & Tint, and Brow Lamination & tint. She is dedicated to providing comfortable, anxiety reducing, and an excellent experience while performing all of her quality services. Sugaring is an all natural method of hair removal similar to waxing but is made only with sugar, lemon juice, and water that is wonderful for sensitive skin as well as all skin types.

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Accepting Appointments
Wednesday - Saturday

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